Hi guys! Happy new week.

How was the last week for you?

Mine turned out to be a eat-a-thon spree. It was a food in good out all week. So I decided to embark on a challenge and I hope you will join me on it.

Ok so this week,the challenge I and we are taking on this week is start the week with and most likely end with fruits and veggies rather than with pizzas and shawarma.

Actually, a shift in the fruit and veggies. Transforming them into drinks. Into SMOOTHIES!!!

Smoothie are fun drinks that comes in different colours and they are super easy to make.

I really don’t know how tasty smoothie are but what I do know is that they are super healthy.

And the awesome thing about them is flexible recipes! You can always switch one ingredient for the other.

No stress too. Which is like my thing. Who would want to make something they probably know would take out all the energy out of them before coming together in one piece.

Now there’s a whole lot of goodness you could derive from having smoothies.

One of the most efficient way to live healthy and lose fat while having fun with the recepies and preparation is to include a smoothie in your diet. Now you need to be really clever about your choice of fruit to get the right taste and the weight loss secret weapon.

*I will be sharing the best fruit choice for this weight loss effect in the next blog post*

Another awesome benefit derived from taking smoothie is that it literarilly helps cut down on consuming too much food. Well I’m sure we know the dangers of eating too much already. Click here to find out more about it. The fibre present in fruits leaves you sated for long and curb the urge to always want to eat.

Smoothie for skincare routine. Studies have shown that drinking smoothies made from foods containing cartiniods can give you an attractive glow. Well not all kind of fruit can give you this glow. Just stay tuned to this page to get more info on what fruit to use.

My favorit part yet. The nutrients in fruit and vegetable smoothies are often said to boost your brain function and make your mind feel clearer. Who doesn’t crave a clear mind? Our days tend to turn out busier than expected and the mind becomes cloudy. Yet we still want to function to full capacity and the only way out is smoothie!

I really want to continue but I have to go now.

I love you much, see you soon.

I miss you already!

See you in the next blog post!



8 thoughts on “Smooo-DπŸ˜…

  1. Adetoun how can i get one lol. I love it but taking time to prepare this is one i am not sure i could do. Nice piece. You amaze me at every of your writings


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