The Multiplying Grain🌽

I love it. I love it roasted than boiled. I love it popped too. I almost forgot to include its a whole different vibe when flaked.

A little fun fact, it originated from southern Mexico and comes in a variety of colours like pink, white, red, blue and even black . Well there’s the popular yellow coloured.

Ok so while I was growing up, whenever it was the corn season, a lot of people come down with cold in my house. Trust me I have had my share of it too.

Last week I took terribly ill, had a bad cough, cathar and a cold. Everything in me that was already stereotyped about the corn and cold collaboration thing and I so wanted to blame it on the corn being in season. Like I actually wanted to blame the corn for my cold. Pardon me. My experience made me have such thought pattern. But no more! I have broken free from the shackles of an awkward mindset.

Contrary to the believe that the advent of corn brings about cold related illnesses and all, theres actually a load benefits to be derived from it.

Wait first, is it corn or maize? This matter will be settled later.

Back to original matter, I discovered that if you want to increase your body blood supply, go for corn.
Corn is rich in iron, which is an essential mineral needed for the production of red blood cells in the body. It thus helps in reducing the risk of Anemia.

Glow baby glow!

All the goodness you need to have that skin glow is embedded in corn. Yes! I said what I said. In Corn. Eating yellow corn can provide you with a ton of beta-carotene, which is extremely good for your skin. Antioxidants for anti-aging is a check. Helps you remain young and youthful.

If you are battling with pimples scar let’s gather here so we can know ourselves. I found a solution in corn. Owing to its high vitamin E content, a paste created with sweet corn can work wonders to remove facial acne scars. Is God not too good?

Hair loss trauma? You’ve been saved!

The vitamin C, lycopene content, and various other antioxidants present in sweet corn helps in strengthening the hair strands. The corn oil enhances blood circulation in the scalp, thereby promoting the follicles to produce healthy and strong tresses (hair curls). No more hair loss!

I got something for pregnant women too. Yunno the way folic acid is essential for you babies yeah, It’s importance for cell growth? Search no further! Sweet corn contains a high concentration of folic acid, which is actually prescribed to women during pregnancy. Get on some corn diet preggies.

Blood pressure saga? Just eat corn. Phytonutrients found in corn inhibit ACE, lowering the risk of high blood pressure.

All this been said, there’s still more corn can do for you. Just jump on that diet. The awesome thing is its in season so it’s relatively cheap!

Come next blog post I will be sharing some not your regular, a break from the norms kind of corn meal recepies. I promise y’all.. you will shocked!

Till the next blog post, I’m sending



8 thoughts on “The Multiplying Grain🌽

  1. Amazing piece! Not really a man of preacher of corn, but I like this corn-spel; the good news of corn…
    Keep it up!


  2. I have never really been a fan of corn though 😅 but we are going to give them a chance 😁
    Awesome write up❤️


  3. Med ooo
    you’re just blowing my mind all around…
    All I know is I’m not going get old and I have a full tank of blood in me right now….
    thanks for this interesting blog I love you♡♡


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