Drive Boards!

New week; new drive!

For some reason I didn’t feel too excited about this new week because it felt like I wasn’t able to achieve a lot last week .

You know the weekly goal thing, I wasn’t able to pull it off because I was sorta occupied so I got distracted and it feels like I’m behind schedule on my life.

You might probably feel this way too. But don’t you worry because since we have the will, the way will show up.

So I decided to review how much I wanted to achieve in a week and I had to slim down the schedule. I took a step back. Yeah I want to make progress but that doesn’t mean I should bring all the steps into one.

I decided to work the progress. I step at a time. And I feel someone needs to hear this too. We work the progress one step at a time. Let’s redirect our drive!

In line of redirecting the drive, I am here with something different from the regular food and health.

Let’s go to the kitchen!

So I figured that a while lot of people well families barely use chopping boards.

Even this morning while I was peeling yam I just put it on the kitchen table and cut.

It’s a whole lot easier that way. Before we will think of chopping board, we have finished cutting what we want to cut.

An average Nigerian family has a chopping board in their kitchen and proly use it 1 out of 20 times. Mostly during large cooking. Drop a comment if you are on this table.

A chopping board is basically used for cutting in the kitchen.

No kitchen is complete without a cutting board.

If you take cooking seriously, you need a cutting board. It adds style and enhancement to your kitchen.

It usually comes in plastic or wood. But i think the wood is kinda retro compared to the plastic.

Although there are pros and cons of using each one either wood or plastic, we are going focus on the plastic boards.

Plastic boards barely damage the edges of knives cos they are designed not to. Now hold up, a serrated knife shouldn’t be used on a plastic board.

You could wash with cleaning chemicals without having to worry about the chemical retaining on the board surface unlike wooden boards.

There are colour code as regards cutting boards.

I just discovered too and finding out gave me a sort of thrill.

Imagine knowing about one new thing!

• Red cutting boards: raw red meat.

• Green cutting boards: vegetables and fruits.

• Yellow cutting boards: poultry

• Blue cutting boards: cooked meat

• White cutting boards: dairy and breads (also for universal if no other board is available.)

Now it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have all this. I mean let’s be realistic, this is Nigeria.

But knowing wouldn’t cause any harm. Taking a step futher to actually having them would be just great.

I’m sure you now know what to do with that board that has been lying idle in your house.

Don’t forget consciously work the progress and slowly redirect the drive.

Yours Truly,



5 thoughts on “Drive Boards!

  1. Very insightful as usual, i always love your piece.I also noticed some thing i dont know if you wouldnt mind i correct. I believe you will be read by Nations and interviewed by World media and so please do not use abbreviated chatty kind of words when writing such as Sorta or proly. It could affect in future dear


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