Slimy Goodness!

Happy childrens day in arrears! It’s been holiday back to back from Ramadan to children’s day.

But i guess we are back to reality.

So welcome to another episode of health and life kitchen blog post.

Thank you for being an amazing reader.

But I need to be sure of this though.

Is the rainy season here?

Because it’s been raining for the past 3 days and its really not funny.

But on the bright side even though the sky is all gloomy, snails are everywhere!

At the backyard of my house while we were clearing the bushes a few days ago, I saw the slimy looking horned, blind aminal (would I call it an animal well yeah I guess so) and it wasn’t alone.

There was another and another and another and I began to see them everywhere. On the walls, in between the bushes, some were even glued to eachother. It was beautiful sight.

Have you ever had a snail meal?

A snail delicacy is divine. And it has loads of nutritional goodness that we fail to take note of.

Yeah so I know a few of you might debunk the idea of consuming a garden pest as good. But before you become judgemental,here’s a few reasons why you should have a rethink.

More protein; less calories
Snails provide a low calorie source of protein. Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle, and is also better at filling you up than carbs and fat. Although seafood is classified as an easy source of protein, but actually, snails have more. More protein, less calories.

Red blood cells build up.
A good source of iron, essential for building red blood cells and carrying energy around the body. A lack of iron can lead to extreme fatigue and anaemia. That faint feeling yeah!

Snails and cancer?

Snails possesses anti-cancer properties, helps in boosting the immune system and fighting against cancerous cells. A function of the lectin found in them.

Minerals rush for females.
Female gender this is for you. Findingaway to replace the lost blood from your menstrual cycle eat a snail meal! Eating snails is a good way to get that essential mineral, the iron needed for your bloid replacement. According ti the university of Maryland, a serving of escargots(snails in french) gives you 3 milligrams of iron, one-sixth of your daily requirement. It also provides two-thirds of the magnesium, one-third of the phosphorus and nearly 10 percent of the potassium you need each day, as well as small amounts of calcium and zinc. These minerals keep your bones, organs and muscles healthy and contribute to keeping your blood pressure low.

Gentlemen; here’s your pick!
I’m not bias! I’ve got great news for the male gender too. Stressed from the days job, feeling grouchy? Eat some snails. They contain tryptophan, a chemical your brain needs in order to make a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin help your body regulate your appetite and tells it when to sleep.
It can also make you feel more relaxed and less anxious, improving your overall mood and giving you a feeling of well being.

The benefits aren’t limited to the meat only!!!

There’s a whole lot more you never saw coming😋.

• The snail slime is extremely beneficial for the treatment of skin diseases and broken bones. Has loads of elastin and collagen.

• Scar removal and wounds marks erasing creams gets their major active substance from secretions of snails.

Attached below is the link to a snail meal recipe. Fun, quick and easy to make.

This Is what the outcome of the meal should like.

Watch and leave a comment!

See you in the next blog post.

I miss you already.

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