Ginger Rush!

It’s a new month. Happy New month to you. You’ve been an amazing reader.

But really shouldn’t new months be celebrated like new years?

I know of a family that do celebrate new month but that’s the only family I know.

Do you know any one that celebrated the new month like the new year?

Give it a thought, I can bet you know of none. Lol.

I miss new year celebration meals! Don’t you?

Not the meal per say but the hustle and bustle of everything that comes with preparing it. Cooking in large quantities, your friends and families coming over, the outing later in the evening and the reality of the dishes the next morning. Well I don’t miss that last part. Yikes. I really don’t like doing dishes in large quantity.

I remember there was this new year celebration my Mom tried out something different while cooking.

She added ginger to every single meal!

I mean where did she get that Idea from. Rolls eye. It was from a friend and she decide to add it to the food. Rice, stew, pasta everything.


We’ve never taken ginger before in our lives so why now? All she could say was her friend to her it was good.

Seriously! Your friend told you.

And that brings me to how many “they told me” have you listened to?

Fortunately the meals didn’t turn out so bad..

I did a survey kind of on ginger consumption. Attached is a few of the responses I got.

What’s your take on ginger?
Drop your response in the comment section below!

What exactly does ginger have offer?

Bad mouth day?

Ginger’s antibacterial power brighten your smile. Active compounds in ginger called gingerols keep oral bacteria from growing. These bacteria are the same ones that can cause periodontal disease, a serious gum infection which leads to mouth odour.

Relief for indigestion.

Do you have an history of chronic indigestion (dyspepsia)? Ginger could bring some relief. Ginger before meals may make your system empty faster, leaving less time for food to sit and cause problems.

Old age side effects?

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, which means it reduces swelling. That may be especially helpful for treating symptoms of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis an evident side effect in old age. You might get relief from pain and swelling either by taking ginger by mouth or by using a ginger compress or patch on your skin.

As always I got something for my ladies!

Menstrual cramps?

Research shows that taking ginger powder 0.5-1 teaspoon during the first 3-4 days of a menstrual cycle modestly decreases pain in women and teens with painful menstrual periods.

Post workout sores for guys?

Ginger won’t whisk away muscle pain on the spot, but it may tame soreness over time. In some studies, people with muscle aches from exercise who took ginger had less pain the next day than those who didn’t.

So I guess my Mom did a good thing because ever since then she’s been adding ginger in everything.

Hold on! Now before you start adding ginger to everything too, stay tuned for the next blog post to strike the balance.

After all too much of something might bad.

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Cheers to a wonderful June.


10 thoughts on “Ginger Rush!

  1. I love stew made with ginger and even meat pie, jollof rice and so on. There is this taste that makes me eat more than usual. Thanks for the piece


  2. Wow….My aunt prepared this jollof rice last week that had ginger since then I have been wanting to leave my folks house and getting a. Kitchen of my own to Cook varieties of food with ginger as one key spice…..

    Ginger is fresh when in powdered form.


  3. Ginger has this awesome taste! I love adding ginger to my stew, kunu drink it gives the meal this refreshing taste..
    Talk more of ginger tea! 😘😘


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