New week fam!

Have you ever gotten a beating from your mom because you made a cooking error? OR Have been able to successfully cover up a cooking mistake?

I couldn’t cover up the mistake I made this weekend, it was a real mess, my mom ate out of the food but I didn’t get a beating. I’m too old for that. (Flips hair)

I was trying to make Jollof rice and fried fish. Of course my rice came out well but the fish didn’t. Getting it perfectly fried was a whole struggle. It kept scattering in the oil despite the fact that I used a non sticky pan. After the whole cooking i tried to figure out what went wrong with the fish.

I made it a point of duty to research so I could find out what happened because I reasoned that a couple of people in this virtual family would have had a fair share of this trouble one way or the other.

Great news! I found out what went wrong and so long to imperfect fried fish.

I cooked the fish while it was still cold.

This is a mistake most people make while cooking and we don’t seem to pay attention to.

Letting the protein (meat, fish or chicken) sit in the sink for about 30 minutes before cooking so it reaches room temperature. This allows it to be evenly cooked and drastically reduce the effect of the protein breakage while cooking; fish especially.

A sure hack that can be used when you can’t wait for about 30 minutes is to flour coat the fish. This also makes it sturdy, reduce breakage and enhances even cooking.

Before you run off to making your perfectly fried fish, listed below is a few other cooking mistakes we should try as much as possible to avoid,

  • Not heating pan properly. Cooking surfaces need to be hot; for about 5minutes; before placing anything on it.
  • Pan-filling. I know you want to get the cooking over with especially if you are extremely hungry but overcrowding your pans means more uneven heat distribution and inturn leads to partially done food.
  • Overseasoning. It’s easy to get aggressive with the salt and other seasonings. You might even lose focus. When this happens, use water to dilute it. For a meal that you can’t add water, put in a slice of yam to absorb the excess spice.
  • Never ever on any occasion toss a hot food into a cold fridge. Make sure it has enough time to cool off before putting it in the frezzer.
  • Fiddling with food. “Leave it be!” says Cayne. “So many people feel the need to poke and stir and flip way too early. Don’t do that. It ruins the cooking.

    Learnt a thing or two? I’m positive you did.
    I will see yall on the next blog post.


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