Grainy Goodness.

Yo Fam! Great week right? I’m excited for the weekend already.

A lot of excitement on the last post. I mean it’s been really an awesome ride with the corn diet.

How has yours been coming along?

So a friend of mine asked me what the healthier option is between boiled or roasted corn and to be honest I’m going to be a bit partial. I mean I love roasted corn. I prefer it to boiled but that doesn’t guarantee it being healthier. Who am I to conclude? Let’s see what the facts has to say.

According to Memphis, the higher the temperature the corn reaches, the more glucose will break down, thus resulting in a sweeter ear of corn.If you boil an ear of corn, the boiling temperature of the water will only reach 100°C before evaporating into steam, meaning the corn will not be exposed to a high enough temperature to break down all those delicious glucose molecules.

On the other hand , if you roast an ear of corn, you’d likely roast it at about 204-260°C, which will provide enough heat to break down more glucose molecules without burning the corn all together. This will give you a deliciously sweet and smoky ear of corn that only roasting can achieve.

Well then Promise, I guess you have your answer. This piece of news excites me. Sorry if you aren’t a roasted corn lover. If you are send a ❤ let’s know ourselves.

The not so regular recipes for a corn diet. Well I’m ready to break from the norms of boring food. Let’s flip the switch.

Igbo people this is for you oo. So another friend of mine read the last post and guess what he said.

Yh that right pounded corn. So I looked up the recipe and voila I didn’t find it online. If you know the prep method kindly share with us too. Enjoy!

Another awesome way you can flip the switch on the grain is to use it for a vada.

Corn Vada

You will need Corn kernels, bread slices, black pepper ginger paste and salt to taste of course. You can add veggies too if you feel like.

Boil corn kernel till soft. Blend in a grinder. After grinding, add ginger paste, black pepper and salt. Then take the mashed bread and mixed it all up together. Form into a vada shape and deep dey in hot cooking oil until it turns golden brown. Let’s break from the norms of a boring breakfast!

Another flip in the meal! Let’s padoka the corn.

Please bear with me my ink is almost exhausted. Click Here to check out the recipe. Here’s what it looks like. Don’t go and make something else.

This One I will definitely try out. Meet mr Corn salad.

Pretty easy. Just boil corn kernel in salt water, drain excess water when soft. While it’s still hot, add onions, tomatoes, probably a little bit of cabbage oh and the really crucial ingredient the lime juice. To give it a creamy feel, use salad cream. Salad cream dears not mayonnaise oo.

Finally one fam, this is one recipe I have recreated over and over again.

I call it Corn Fritters. Ayyyyy and my ink has finished. Just check here to see the full recipe.

I love y’all. I’ll see you soon and I miss you already.

See you in the next blog post. As always I’m sending;



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