Title Me….

New week!


I’m offficially pissed but it won’t last for long. I created this post and as I was about to publish it, I realised that I didn’t save it. I put too much work in it already only for me not to find it when I was about to publish it. No worries tho I would hace to ‘recreate do my Favorite people on the globe.

What are you your weekly goals? Or do you belong to the live each day as it comes gang? Or you don’t even know what it means to have goals.A couple of days ago, I was having a late night talk with a very good friend of mine @The Real Luminous and I was telling him about my growth pattern and how I’m greatful for association and how it has helped me evolved over the months.

While we were conversing, I did a mental flashback to me last year and compared it with the now me. It didn’t look like a lot has changed but making the mental check made me see beyond the outlook. I was able to look indepthly and see how much I had improved on myself over the months.

Yes I know we ought to talk about food but I just can help not share this with y’all.

To me it didn’t seem like a lot had changed from the before me. It didn’t seem like there was a difference because it’s only been a couple of months.

Then that was when it hit me that’s it’s not actually about how far but how well.

I know a lot of are probably in that state of my friends are doing better than me. It doesn’t look like I’m doing much.

How well are you adding value to others, how well are your friends, circle or geng adding value to you? How well do you discuss value adding subject with your clique.

Because on the long run what is going to eventually count is how much value you got added to you and how much you added to someone else.

Why am I doing what I am doing?

Honestly ask yourself answer this question.

In the light of value adding the multiplying grain has been doing wonders for us. Prior to the last blog post I got attacked for not posting some recepies.Either ways in still your plug so we gather dey. From here we move!

Value adding…Have you ever thought of how you could switch a boring meal by adding just a little bit of value to it. Yunno using a major ingredients not just the regular concosion.

Yes! I will shake and break the tables. When making pasta (spaghetti), at least use fresh pepper. Enough of the tomato and ata gigun (blended dry pepper)mix. Give the pasta the value it deserves. Same goes for rice too. Stop doing that.

You might not have enough to yunno always use fresh pepper but it won’t hurt to use it.

A lot of people have been so stereotypical about their cooking that the have automatically replaced fresh pepper for dey pepper in all their cooking. Even beans gan.

Just give it a trial. Vow to commit to value added cooking all week and see what comes out of it. Enough of the mediocre substitute.

It’s a wrap for today I hope y’all like this post. Wrote it in a stressed state.

I couldn’tcome up with a title either. Title it for me in the comment section below.

See y’all on the next post; Yours truly❤💡


12 thoughts on “Title Me….

  1. Well, I’d have suggested Mental Check but the switch to the foody part wouldn’t make it fit. So, maybe “Goals and Value”.


  2. I enjoyed reading this that I forgot I was supposed to help with a title, now I’ve got nothing. Anyways awesome write up.


  3. I just knew pasta is spaghetti. Lol, thanks for enlightening us miss.
    I’ll title it ‘Quitting ingredient mediocrity’


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