The “Ment” Health.

Favourite fam! Jiggy Tribe!

How has your week been? Its the weekend & July End in a bit.
I am so glad for how much lesson this year has taught me already. Despite the whole pandemic, terrible times I know yeah but we’ve got the comfort of food all day anyday.

And to all our jolly Muslim readers, happy happy celebrations. We really do love you!

I shouldn’t be doing this but honestly I just can’t help it. I might as well just have another platform for my pep talk. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. Having another platform or I could continue my rant here!

Let the tribe decide!

The thing is ehen I figure out a lot of people has had a shift in their mental health.
Now it really doesn’t necessarily mean insanity but it goes along way tapping deep into the root of insecurities, suicide and depression.

In the last post, I asked y’all to do a mental evaluation of yourself and it turns out that quite a big fraction don’t know where they stand.

Why am I doing what I am doing?

While I was going over the post again you know just letting me speak to me again I realised that who does a mental check when the mental health isn’t in a good place. So I’m going to rephrase that question.

What is it that I am doing?

I need you to really ask.

Until when you can figure out what you are doing and how it affects you as an individual, only then you can be able to pass it as value onto someone else.

To figure out what it you you are doing, You need to put yourself in the right sate of mind. You need to be with the right mental health. And as your favourite food blogger, with good tidings, I bring you the solution to a flourishing mental health.

Below is a list of food you can eat to boost your mental health.

The first and my favourite is yoghurt. The probiotics found in cultures such as yoghurt can impact a person’s mental health, assisting in lowering levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Awesome news yeah. Grab yourself a youghrt!

Walnuts got a spot oo. We call it àsàlà in Yoruba language. Having a long-term brain health, make a habit snacking on walnuts. Ever wondered why they look white and brain like. E get why. The antioxidants in the nuts helps oxidate the body. Amazing news is walnuts can help us to grow new brain cells, an essential aspect of maintaining good mental health.

This third option. Sighs. Personally I don’t like it ooo. But it’s the greatest source of a stable mental health. Nigeria’s most accessible source of protein. Mr Beans.

It contain thiamine, a vitamin needed for the production of acetylcholine (the neurotransmitter essential for memory). Blah blah blah. Boring science. Bottom line, it keeps you fuller for longer, keeping your blood sugar stable and enabling you to burn more energy. The major road to a stable mental health.

I really have to go now guys. I am positive you learnt a thing or two.

Oh don’t forget to help me make that decision in the comment section.

See y’all on the next post.



10 thoughts on “The “Ment” Health.

  1. Aww… Beautiful write up!

    I like how you related food to real issues we all go through.

    Well done, my fav food blogger! 🤗


  2. This write up is really great! I really learnt alot I’ll definitely have to get a pack of yogurt today! Thank you ma💓💓


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