Two whole months and I thought I lost it.

For the past 2 months, it’s been a rough ride for me. From depression to feelings of insecurity to lack of motivation and family trouble, it was hell. I was done with everything literally.

I was always stressed out thinking about what it was I wasn’t doing right or what i was doing wrong. There was literally no love and encouragement like I wanted. It felt like it was me against the world and yeah I felt used too cos to a very large extent I’ve always never failed to dispense love and light. But at the moment where I needed it the most where I needed it the most, I couldn’t get it. Like all access to it was blocked from me.

But one thing I realised admist all is that everyone has their fair share of dark times so I never pointed fingers at anyone. It was true no one practically showed up for me yeah but it was alos true thay no onr cared to know whats up with me. Then I haf an epiphany “It’s up to you to pick yourself up and get back on track”.

As hard as it might seem, we’ve been wired in a way that we have to be dependent on someone either actively or passively. When that isn’t available, we tend to fall apart, get frustrated and most likely give up on things we love doing.

What now makes us different and distinguishes us as an emotionally intelligent person is that we know when to get up and give it another shot.

It’s inevitable that things might be exhausting and you wanna feel like giving up. For me I just didn’t want to do nothing. I was literally done. But after a while I realised that I’m not doing this for me. I had my dark days quite alright but I knew when it was time for me to reform and let it not get the best of me.

The funny thing is admist all the positive talking I did with me, nothing change. It wasn’t until I spoke with the head villager, a very good friend of mine. And he said to me “Return like you never left”. And that was all I needed.

That was the push. That was the missing link. Sometimes when you’ve tried all you can, talk to someone. I had to break one of my principles because I know I needed to receive help. I had to stop dragging the baggage all by myself.

Problem no dey finish for this life, but you gats know when to shrug am off.

I’m glad I’m back. I missed the Tribe and to someone out there feeling what I’ve felt just give it the test of time it will always play our fine.

Be emotionally intelligent enough to take charge of you… Be emotionally intelligent enough to know who to talk to…Be emotionally intelligent enough to be you.

And since we are the still the food Tribe, I’ll share a couple of food tips to boost your emotionally intelligence.

1. Try as often as possible not to eat alone.

These days, we don’t eat our meals together. It’s either in the car, on the go, or just choose to be alone. It’s important to eat with someone and vent randomly while doing that.
Sharing a meal actually protects us from depression, too. There’s plenty of data that supports that the prime reason for depression is a lack of connection. When people feel lonely, isolated and not part of the community, that is a huge trigger for depression.

2. Try not to overeat too.
Only eat 60% of your capacity. That way, the stomach can mix the digestive fluids properly through the chewed food. It helps you calm down and think properly.

3. Laugh!!!
Laughter is amazing, too. There are these old sayings, “laughter is the best medicine.” It is. In my opinion, crack a joke. Have a laugh. Have some joy. Joy is such a healing energy. That should be a part of your meal, too.

Well then Tribers; I don’t know if I made sense but if I did, say something I the comment section.


Always Everyday.


2 thoughts on “RANTS AND BANTS.

  1. This is awesome…

    Picked up some few lessons too which I will implement…

    Also THANK YOU… ♥️♥️♥️


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