I’m Pregnant?

I promise to be better;


New Month, New Week, New Vibes!

For some reason, I feel excited about making this post. I’m gradually finding myself back and I’m greatful for that.

I can literally feel the adrenaline rush .

It’s exciting tho.

So this past week was really bothersome for me. I almost made myself believe I was pregnant. Lol.

I was two weeks late for my period but I didn’t have sex. It was driving me nuts. I mean I didn’t have sex or anything close to it but I didn’t see my period.

How come? It wasn’t even 2 or 3 days late o. It wasn’t even 1 week but 2 whole weeks. Like 14 days late.

Mehn! I was worried. And after the 14th day, I saw it. Never in my life have I been so excited to have my period. I was glad.

So I then decide to know what went wrong. What I didn’t do right and how it got so messed up.

What did you think went wrong hun?

It wasn’t complications or anything of such.

It still boiled down to food. Sighs.

So apparently my diet has been a rollercoaster of slipped meals. It happened for a while tho. And tuat was how my cycle got messed up.

I have had a distorted eating pattern and I knew it was going to affect me yh. Maybe lost a few Kg’s. But what I didn’t know was that it was going to affect my cycle. Like my period. Lol.

It was more like undernourishment. I did lost a few Kg’s but my period was what freaked me out the most.

I found out that during the state of undernourishment, the body does not have enough “fuel” to run properly, and has to prioritize which bodily functions are the most important to life.

Processes that are not essential to staying alive—like growth and reproductive function usually get less energy.

This undernourishment leads to a disorder which often cause one to experience amenorrheaa cessation of a menstruation for over a period of time.

Mehn! This was my situation.

This disorder is often due to extreme weight loss and starvation of the body.

Take Note: When your period stops due to eating too little or exercising too much, this is a warning sign that your body is not functioning correctly, and should not be taken lightly.

Cases like this is also extremely dangerous during pregnancy because someone cannot support their own body functions, that person could not likely support another body growing inside of them, requiring even more energy.

This eating disorder of a thing goes beyond messing with the menstrual cycle.

Saty tuned for the next blog post to find out how deterring the disorder could be.

Till then , don’t skip meals and



2 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant?

  1. Hiii
    thanks for this update, it’s really mind blowing. I had this same issue during my last cycle now I know what really went wrong… thanks once again.


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